Heinrich Robert

History of the site

In 1901, coal mining began at the Heinrich Robert colliery in Hamm. Over the next 100 years, the almost 6,000 employees brought around 1.5 million tonnes of coal to the surface every year. Europe’s highest winding tower in the shape of a hammer’s head, with a total height of 64 metres, was completed in 1953 and has not only been the landmark of the colliery but of the entire district since then. In 2010, the colliery – the last one in Hamm – ceased operations. Since 2012, a follow-up use of the area has been under consideration, and several feasibility studies have been carried out.

Office counters of the former factory

Hanging baskets for miners’ personal belongings in the pithead

Citizen participation in structural change

In contrast to Lippepark and Maxipark, private investors are involved in the CreativRevier in Hamm. The city of Hamm and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are heavily participating in the planning of the project, but so far there has been no citizen participation. However, citizens have already been invited to inform themselves about the current development plans at a public information event. Furthermore, the planning agency operates a YouTube channel on which regular updates are given on current developments.

Structural change of the site

A new urban quarter is to be created from the former Heinrich Robert colliery site, which covers more than 53 hectares. Residential areas, small businesses and retailers are to be developed on the site around the old colliery buildings. The old colliery buildings will form the creative centre of this new quarter. Locations for large events, concerts, exhibitions, as well as a hotel are to be accommodated here. In future, the new quarter will play an important connecting role between Herringen, Pelkum, Wiescherhöfen and Selmigerheide. The strategy of the framework plan therefore follows a holistic approach. The subsequent use of the mine will be closely linked to the development of the surrounding districts and their cultural landscape. All previous planning and projects for the individual sites and districts are taken into account and brought together in a comprehensive overall concept.

Hammerhead tower


Interview with Damian Chatha, Chief of Staff of the City of Hamm
What influence do the projects have on the city districts and thus also on the citizens?
The Maxipark is the “flagship”-park for the city of Hamm with which the citizens identify. As a local recreation area, the Lippepark also makes an important contribution to the quality of life – especially for the residents of areas previously negatively affected by the coal mines. With the CreativRevier, a completely new district will be created that will not only provide jobs and housing, but together with the other parks will also make an important contribution to the leisure facilities and climate protection in Hamm.

Glück auf! (Good luck!) was the traditional miners’ greeting. It described the desire of the miners to return safely from the mine after their shift.