"I believe that visiting Hamm has allowed us to discover a different part of Europe, where parks play a fundamental role. This experience has shown us how the past and the future can be linked only through the present."

Claudio Massafra

"I think it's good that the planners want to realise a mix of event and gastronomy location, space for art and music as well as residential and industrial quarters."

Joline Blandowski

"It's crazy and impressive at the same time how this old and long-abandoned industrial area has been transformed and put to new use. Who would have thought that Maxipark would be such a success?"

Joline Blandowski

"Visiting the area where Fibronit stood I couldn’t help perceiving, despite the decontamination, a feeling of desolation, of estrangement from the city. So I look forward to creating an innovative park that will be useful for the community."

Michael Scaranello