Italian President Sergio Mattarella and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at Bellevue Castle
The Mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, and the Mayor of Hamm, Marc Herter, receive the prize at the Italian Embassy in Berlin
Bari’s Deputy Mayor, Eugenio Di Sciascio (on the right) meets First Alderman, Chamberlain Markus Kreuz

The project

The cooperation project between the City of Bari and the City of Hamm is supported by the “Prize of the Presidents” fund, established by the two presidencies of the Italian and German Republic. It intends to investigate the dimension of urban regeneration and the experiences of reconversion of abandoned industrial archaeology sites for cultural use in the two cities. 
Bari inhabitants
Hamm inhabitants

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Renewed square

Street art painting of the Spanish artist Elías Taño on the outer wall of the Rossani Barracks
Park of Rebirth
Rendering for the venue of the Centre of National Research (CNR)
Main entrance of the former factory
Place for interreligious encounters
The 10 metre high orange tower, clearly visible from afar as landmark of Lippe Park
The 40 metre high glass elephant in the former coal washing plant
Playground at Rossani Park
Aerial view of Maxipark
Plaque at the main entrance of the former Tobacco Factory
Students‘ workshop at the former Fibronit industrial complex
Chimney der Tobacco Factory

It's crazy and impressive at the same time how this old and long-abandoned industrial area has been transformed and put to new use.

Joline Blandowski

This project gives a new face to the city's abandoned areas while leaving their scars exposed. It's the beauty of rebirth.

Luigi D’Abramo

The CreativeRevier Heinrich Robert will be a huge project and it goes far beyond the mere "conversion" of the old buildings.

Luca Neumann

I believe that visiting Hamm has allowed us to discover a different part of Europe, where parks play a fundamental role.

Claudio Massafra

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